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Carpet Cleaning Benefits

  • Reduce Dust, Dirt Bacteria, Pollen, and Dust Mites

  • Promote Environmental Health

  • Professional Deep Cleaning Extraction
  • Prevent the Growth of Bacteria and Mold
  • Healthier Indoor Air Quality

Commercial and Residential, Certified Carpet Cleaning Professionals

The Cleaning Group has been making carpets beautiful in the Chicagoland area since 2009. In that time, we’ve learned that carpet cleaning is the subject of much confusion. In fact, people have so many misunderstandings about carpet cleaning that we decided to offer this consumer education message. Now when you select a carpet cleaning company, you can make an informed decision.

Whether you have commercial or residential needs, let us answer your questions regarding our carpet cleaning process.

  • CRI Seal of Approval / Green Label

  • Promote Environmental Health
  • Professional Deep Cleaning Extraction
  • Prevent the Growth of Bacteria and Mold
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To promote a healthy environment; When a well-maintained clean carpet condition exists, an adverse health effect is unlikely. Manufacturers’ recommendations for cleaning provide adequate guidelines, calling for frequent vacuuming and recurring professional deep cleaning that emphasizes removal of foreign substances and minimizing residue. In the long run, these measures protect the carpet and promote environmental health.

Carpet has a unique, positive “filter-like” or particle trapping feature that tends to trap and hold particles to the floor that would otherwise become airborne.   As a matter of fact, the “filter-like” feature of carpet can be removed from the environment instead of re-circulating in the air continually, by using a high-power vacuum cleaner that has the “CRI Seal of Approval / Green Label”.

Professional deep carpet cleaning is a proven method utilized to return the carpet to a clean condition.  This higher intensity process uses hot water extraction to maximize the removal of embedded soils such as dirt, beverage and food stains, and debris. Frequencies of deep cleaning are a minimum of six months for effectiveness of maintenance. More frequent deep cleaning may depend on location of carpet as well as foot traffic intensity.




“I would gladly act as a phone reference for your cleaning company. The Cleaning Group has proven that they can provide professional quality cleaning services. We have watched your company grow over the years without losing attention to detail. If you are thinking about hiring The Cleaning Group to clean your facility, ask them about my testimonial and call me anytime.”

~ Laurie

We strongly feel that the cleanliness in our office has allowed us to provide a healthy environment for our employees and patients. I thank The Cleaning Group for helping our business to continue to be successful. They have been reliable and their team has been courteous and dedicated when cleaning our offices. I have recommended The Cleaning Group to all my associates and colleagues.

~ Tami

“This letter is to thank you for the professional job your crew has done over the past year. We are glad we selected The Cleaning Group to clean our offices. Your team has paid special attention to detail and I would recommend their work to anyone looking for a reliable cleaning company. We look forward to a continued partnership.”

~ Mela

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Carpet and Rug Institute - Seal of Approval


CRI wants vacuums, extractors, cleaning systems, cleaning products, and service providers to be as effective as possible. The Seal of Approval program is the only one in the industry that scientifically measures cleaning efficacy. The results help consumers make informed decisions and manufacturers improve their products. So carpets are cleaner, healthier, and last longer.

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We never waiver from our full-time job of carefully listening to our customers and responding to their needs. We offer customized cleaning services tailored to your schedule and cleaning needs offering flexible scheduling to suit your individual needs.

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