Day Care Center Cleaning

Our professional Janitors and Custodians provide cleaning programs that reduce illness-carrying germs and allergens that can affect the health of children. The Cleaning Group offers a 100% guarantee to ensure that you receive quality service and complete satisfaction.

Facts you should know about how germs are spread in schools and daycares:

  •  80% of germs are spread through contact with contaminated surfaces such as a tables, chairs, doorknobs, computer keyboards, water fountains and sink faucets.
  •  Flu virus can survive on surfaces up to 72 hours; viruses that cause diarrhea last two to four months.
  •  Children under age two put something in their mouths 81 times per hour, 42 times for age’s two to five.
  •  Children’s immune systems are less mature than those of adults, so they’re more susceptible to germs.
  •  The average American child has 6 to 10 colds a year. In fact, children’s colds cause more doctor visits and missed schools days than any other illness. And every parent knows how easily colds are passed to other family members once one child gets sick.

Using safe and effective products, our professional cleaners pride themselves on providing a clean healthy environment where children play, eat and sleep. We also use HEPA filters that remove 99.97% of airborne particles.

Learn more about our daycare cleaning services by submitting your information for a free estimate on our get-a quote tab or by contacting one of our daycare cleaning professionals today.


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